Flow Analyzer

Flow Analyzer from Nuviso networks is a Controller agnostic SDN App that provides insights into the network.


Flow Correlation

FlowCorrelation.pngFlow Correlation provides insight into the configuration of network and determines whether an incoming packet will reach the intended destination. It is used as a flow debugging tool to check the validity of configured flows. It also verifies the consistency of flow tables corresponding to the given input criteria. If any inconsistencies are detected, it triggers an exception, prompting the network administrator to reconfigure the flows.





Optimal Path

Flow Analyzer leverages information gathered by Allegro to recommend optimal path between two end-points. Users can optimize path based on parameters like hop count, latency, and bandwidth. Using this feature, network operators can customize flows based on selected SLAs.





Heat Map

Flow Analyzer App constantly monitors the traffic flowing through the network and provides a visual summary of the current health of network. Using this feature, users can identify traffic congestion points in the network, and thereby tune their network.