Symphony Maestro is a cross domain service orchestrator in the Nuviso Symphony Suite.


Micro-services Architecture

Maestro supports a micro-service architecture for hosting multiple end-to-end service package. Each package provides a generic service definition automatically translatable to the northbound APIs exposed by Maestro. Each such package then provides an implementation to realize the service across multiple domain providers.

Unified Network Model

Maestro supports a unified network model for inventory and topology. It provides a unified topology view by using the domain specific topology provided by one or more instances of the underlying providers like Interlude, Allegro & Vivace and weaves them together. It provides a unified inventory view by using the domain specific inventory of the aforesaid providers onto a standard device component view.



Model driven Northbound

Maestro supports a model driven northbound API for invocation of services using TOSCA, GBP or Yang. These definition templates are auto-generated from the service packages.


Northbound applications

Maestro APIs maybe invoked by any OSS/BSS in the Service Fulfillment workflows.