Symphony Allegro provides a unified view of the SDN network, and integrates with Consonance (app repository in the Symphony Suite) to provide life-cycle management of Apps.

Multi-vendor SDN Controller Management 

AppX_2_NewManage multiple disparate SDN networks with a single unified interface, whether your network is managed by open source or vendor specific SDN controllers. Allegro can be extended to support new controllers. Allegro scales with your network from one to multiple controller instances.





Controller agnostic applications

Allegro is bundled with pre-developed controller agnostic applications that provides a rich set of SDN functions in a controller neutral way. Allegro provides controller agnostic APIs to access features of SDN controller. This includes a unified application deployment and monitoring interface.




Dashboard & Reports

AppX_1_NewAllegro provides Flow based statistics, Device port level statistics, Meter counters and Group table counters. It also provides API’s by which all this data is available. The dashboard can display any of these as well as configure it to view the current status of the controller and the resources it occupies in terms of CPU and Memory. Users could customize the dashboard according to their interests and responsibilities.





Value added services

Allegro provides services that are not natively available in SDN controllers. This includes functions like scheduling, data persistence, time series analysis.





Apps Integration with Consonance

Allegro integrates with Consonance so that the user can view the purchased Apps, receive upgrade notifications and download the Apps, within the context of Allegro itself. Users can view Apps currently running on the controllers as well as the schedule them on any of the SDN managed controllers. User can consider alternate apps based on the compatibility of the Apps to the underlying controllers.