Our Story


What do we invent today? This is the thought that drives us everyday. The anticipation of being able to build on our previous work to create something new and deliver value to our customers is the thread that binds us.

We were founded on the success of our previous venture Pari Networks. That success has propelled us to dream something even bigger and more trans-formative.
As networks transition from hardware to software and features transition to apps, we are catalyzing the speed of transition itself towards a programmable network.

Success does not breed Success, without interspersing setbacks. We look forward to these opportunities to exploit and disrupt the traditional way of doing things.

Our journey started two years ago, as we came together and set ourselves the goal of network connectivity not at the protocol level, but at the Application level.
We are slowly realizing this goal one step at a time with the help of our partners and customers.
Finally, we know we cannot solve world hunger, but we want to enable the organizations that are attempting to do so.